Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keeping a Gardening Journal

Long before I began this blog, even before my first gardening blog Reclaimed Earth, I kept notes about my gardens the old fashioned way- on paper. The most recent volume was started in 2001 in a lovely notebook gifted to me by my friend Rachael. Part journal, part inventory, the notes in this book and other previous editions provide a record of past successes and failures, of weather and planting dates and of former gardens and new acquisitions. The entries are sporadic at best- the first note of the year varies from Mar 2 one year to May 4 another. Some years there's only been a beginning and end of season post with nothing in between. Some entries have diagrams of seedling trays and garden beds and occasionally little drawings. Every year's inventory includes some old favourites as well as new prospects and each year seemed to have a specific theme although I didn't actually plan it that way.

2001 focused on medicinal and native plants, likely because of my interest in midwifery and herbal remedies at the time:

In 2003 I had new garden with lots of vertical space and very little else so understandably I was obsessed with flowering vines.

In 2007 it was all about the perennials and the rock garden- things that would survive and propagate with minimal effort while I was away on tour.

2009, my first summer in our current apt was veggie-centric. Having room to build a proper garden was a huge bonus!

And last year of course was the year of the tomatoes- over 20 heirloom varieties in a rainbow of colours, most in pots on the roof.

Mostly it's just another place to jot down random garden related thoughts but I occasionally wish I kept more detailed notes!

Do you keep notes on your gardens?


  1. I keep meaning to start doing this, but I haven't yet (although I also don't have much of a garden, s I suppose that might have something to do with it too).

  2. Yes, I love this post!, I have kept a Farm book for each year we have been here, I track the way the wind blows, how long sunlight in different area's, who birthed who and when, who was breed etc, which breeds of chickens started laying when and a running count on eggs, amount of hay that year, and of course the gardens and fruit tree's etc.

    Saying, where is the farm book is a very regular thing around our house, because we keep track of what is planted where.. and there is lots of, I tried that here and got this result, lets try it here..

  3. A Farm book sounds so wonderful! Someday I hope to raise chickens and bees among other things and I will need new book to keep notes on those too!