Sunday, July 11, 2010

Up on the Roof...

..there's a tomato forest!

Big Orange Stripe, Black Brandywine,

Amish Paste, Brandywine.

Elberta Peach,

White Queen,


Black Plum,

Jaune Flamme,


Powers Heirloom,

Black Cherry

Russian Rose, Green Zebra, Sasha's Altai

Blanche de Quebec

Silvery Fir Tree, Ditmarsher Cherry

Tomatoes like company so there's a few more plants:

My first Red Bell Pepper is ripening!

The jalapenos are just beginning to appear.

A bumper crop of habanero peppers again this year!

Yellow Bell Pepper and lots of basil.

Even a stowaway cucurbit, species unknown, a gift from the compost!

Everything's thriving up on the roof!


  1. Amazing!

    Is it too late to sow Tomatoes? Last year I had one but I never learned about trimming, it grew so tall but never had any tomatoes, before you know it the pest killed ALL my plants (strawberries, courgette, aubergine, herbs.. etc) The only one survived was my red pepper that I sow seeds from an ordinary pepper one bought in grocery store.

    We've got lots of grapes but the vine is mental, some of them are not getting the sun it needs. The blackberries will be ready in a week. Chilli plant is starting to have flowers.

    My poor basil plant was butchered by one of my flatmate's visitor. The other herbs are growing nicely otherwise.

  2. It's too late to plant tomatoes from seed but you still might be able to buy a plant with fruit already on it- cherries do well in containers! If you check the label ( or seed packet if you are seeding them next year) look for determinate tomatoes because they only grow to a certain height and set their fruit- no pruning needed!

    You can cut your grape vine back- you'll get better fruit if you do because the plant puts energy into the fruit instead. Also if you pick the younger leaves you can use them to make stuffed grape leaves! I made some last night and they were delish!

  3. I chopped down all the vines and nettle last week, what a chore! Too scare to try eating nettle though had it at a restaurant.

    There's lots of grapes now, hopefully they can get more sun and become sweet this year. Blackberries will be ready in a few days. What do I do with stuffing the grape leaves? We used to have gypsies coming around stealing them, wish they came back so we don't have to trim the vines LOL!