Friday, April 1, 2011

You know it's really spring when...

The laundry and the farm cats are hanging outside!

Unlike out neighbours to the south who are getting hit with yet anther snowstorm (I feel your pain, really I do!), we have been blessed with sunshine and spring jacket weather today, with more to come for the weekend. We're celebrating by breaking out the barbecue for some steaks and grilled veggies for dinner tonight.

Even Casey, our senior citizen decided to catch some rays today.

She's looking pretty good for a girl that's going to be 20 years old this June!


  1. Whoa, she still looks like a young kitty. Go, Casey, go!

  2. Awww Casey!! We now have a similar looking part-time cat we called Gold, also nicknamed "Ginger" but the neighbour girl calls him "Flash" what a confused little cat!!!

  3. Casey is doing remarkably well for a girl of her age. She's totally deaf now and has a touch of arthritis but she still gets around when she wants to. She's a total matriarch and exceptionally bossy of the other two cats and my sister's dogs!