Saturday, May 14, 2011

I was actually hoping for chickens...

I had a nice update all written and ready to post yesterday. And then Friday the 13th happened and blogger was down all day yesterday. Today when I went to find my post it had vanished. Crap.

In addition my intrepid farmcat and huntress Shadow decided to bring me a gift this morning. Recognizing that certain tone in her meow I went to find what I expected to be a moth or a bee, her usual prey. Instead I found this:

It's a sparrow and it's amazingly still alive. And hungry! It eats every 20 minutes - thankfully only in daylight so there will be no need of midnight feedings. Although I still haven't figured out what to do with it when I have to do things like go to work.

There will be an update post soon. Likely typed one handed as I keep a bird warm in my other. It seems so small to leave alone in a bowl.

I hope sparrow poop is good for the garden.


  1. Wow, that is one young looking baby bird, what big eyes you have, and I am betting a very big open mouth begging for those feedings.

    What are you feeding this little one? You will have to keep us updated on its process, do you have a close and dear friend that works different hours then you, I did that once with a baby foster, I would drop the wee one off at my mom's for the day and pick up on my way home from work, thankful she was willing to help me.

  2. OMG! You feeding worm purée? Did it fall from a nest?

    About a month ago, a little black cat has something in her mouth, thought she was brining a mice into my front. To my surprised were two just born baby kittens!!!! The mum and the babies lived inbetween our gate and door for a few weeks then babies eyes were just opened. THEN SUDDENLY WENT MISSING.. the mum went crazy!!

    Apparently a neighbour took them..

  3. Sadly the little guy didn't survive. It seems that cat salvia is loaded with bacteria that is deadly to birds and even though I managed to locate some suitable antibiotics, it wasn't enough.

    I'm a bit sad of course but realistically it would have been a huge challenge. Once you begin to hand feed a solitary fledgling they imprint on people and never can be released in the wild, and the chance of us keeping him alive only to be eaten by one of the farm cats was pretty high.