Monday, May 23, 2011


Yep, that's local Ontario asparagus at long last! Along with some fresh free range eggs I picked up with the idea of making this lovely recipe from Jamie Oliver. Except we ate every stick of it already; steamed, sauteed in butter, in omlettes and with pasta. Asparagus for breakfast, lunch and dinner- this is how I ended up with kidney stones one year! Now that I know that I need to double up on my water intake to flush the excess calcium oxalate (also found in most dark green veggies), I'll eat it till I'm sick of it! I picked up some more at the Sorauren market today and tomorrow I'm teaching a canning workshop using my pickled asparagus and fiddleheads recipe. I'm going to make that soup yet and I still need to freeze some for next winter too.

Is there anything better than fresh locally grown asparagus?

(It was worth the wait.)


  1. Truly lovely, hmmm, so good, but yes, drink lots of water indeed, those stones can be quite painfull, I expect that is one thing Dh is enjoying, is that he has all the coming fresh asparagus to himself on the farm now, and there is none to be seen locally here, (I am at least a month or more behind at mom's compared to my own farm)

  2. Geez how far north is your mom's if she's a month behind yours?

  3. Asparagus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is my idea of heaven. The kidney stones are not. What's with that?! Pardon the drool every time I look at your blog.
    - Brenda