Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Blahs

Some years when we've had a mild winter or not much snow, I secretly wish for a big snow storm, one that pretty much forces the city to shut down. There's nothing like a a good blizzard to give you the excuse to stay home, catch up on reading and movie watching, drink hot chocolate and cook large pots of comfort food.

This year is not one of those years.

Never the less, a big old blizzard is what we have today and all my plans to venture out have been somewhat thwarted. I could of course bundle myself up and trod through the snow that looks to be knee deep and still coming down. But the idea of yet again layering on heavy winter things and slogging through drifts makes me feel tired before I even leave the house. And really there's nothing that I need to do and nowhere I need to be that urgently. I just wish I wasn't so restless!

I was lucky to have a very busy January which meant I was out of the house every day during one of the crazy polar vortex deep freeze spells we've been dealt this year.  I was producing a number of events at different locations all over the city so I was very grateful to have access to a car and driver for that week! It was one of those times I was even more thankful to live in the city, where it's possible to get around without venturing outside for more than a brief moment!

All of that activity means I'm having a hard time adjusting to the slower pace now. I have piles of books set aside to read, a bunch of dvd's to watch and there's never any shortage of things that need to be done in the house but none of it appeals right now. Seems like my winter funk has hit and even seed catalogs aren't helping right now. Looks like I need to dream up a project or two to occupy my time.

Anyone else got cabin fever yet? 


  1. I am getting tired of winter but I can't say that I have cabin fever yet

  2. That's because you don't have time to be bored!

  3. This winter was a hard one here too. I have the impression that the only things I did was shovel, bring wood in and try to warm myself in my old house.