Wednesday, March 20, 2013


If I see that ground hog, he's dead!
Spring arrived at 7:02 this morning but you wouldn't know by the weather. Seems like we have a few more days of snow and cold to get through before we'll see anything resembling spring-like temperatures and the long term forecast is for a late cool spring season. Which means I don't feel quite so disorganized about not having a single vegetable seed started yet!

But everything outdoors is more than ready for it. I took a little spring advance in the form of some plum and dogwood branches and  it didn't take long for them to burst out in blossoms.
  Throw in a few hot house iris and you can pretend that spring is in the air instead of just more snow...

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  1. Our first day of spring brought Northern Ontario a wicked snowstorm, and I don't mean wicked the way kids nowadays use it! We took a picture of our local town sign and you can barely read it for the blizzard! I rebelled by starting more seedlings...