Thursday, December 6, 2012

Never the Bridesmaid...

You'd think with having 12 younger siblings, I'd be inundated with weddings and babies. You'd think the opportunity to be a bridesmaid must be a regular occurrence. Now babies, we have plenty of- I have 9 nephews and 5 nieces, and another due in April. Of weddings, there's been a few. Including my own, almost forgotten now, (although I did have one sister as a bridesmaid and two as flower girls!) And yet, I have never had the pleasure of standing up with a single sibling! How is this possible you ask?

Here's how:
(Siblings in chronological order)

Brother # 1 - Very small, last minute wedding, at the same time and church where their daughter was being christened. I was unable to attend. No bridesmaids anyhow.

Sister #1 - First wedding: Small private civic ceremony - only our parents attended. Second Wedding (for both bride and groom): Small but lovely affair with mostly family, children from first marriage as the only attendants.

Brothers #2 and 3 - not married, no plans

Brother #4 - Big church wedding, however bride is from a large family herself so had all her sisters as attendants.

Brother # 5 - Been engaged for over 10 years. 2 kids. No plans for a wedding anytime soon.

Sister #2 - not married, no plans.

Sister # 3 - In a serious relationship but no wedding plans yet.

Sister #4 - Got engaged last year. Planning a destination wedding, and a big family reception on their return. 


Brothers # 6 and 7 - no plans at present.

So I have my hopes raised yet again. There won't be a wedding  for at least a year but I'm hopeful they might have a real full blown affair, with flowers and groomsmen and bridesmaids! Both parties have children from other relationships, just the right size to be flower girls and ring bearers!

Come on family, someone make me a bridesmaid before I'm too long in the tooth to be called a maid! I promise I won't even complain if you stick me in pink taffeta!


  1. Such a sweet post! I had no idea you were part of such a big clan!

  2. Fingers crossed ... PRO being a bridesmaid, CON pink Taffeta :)