Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preserving Food is a Full Time Job

Where does the time go? Back in Oct I took a week off work, my second of two paid vacation weeks this year. And do you know what glorious activities I did on my week's holiday?

I canned.

And dried.

And froze.

And made salsa
And tomato sauce

And made cider

And canned some more.

A week wasn't enough to do it all and I still couldn't find the time to post this. I finally finished the last of the canning yesterday (except for beets and maybe  some more red onion jam) If, in previous posts (back when I didn't have regular employment outside of my house) I ever sounded a tad smug about  my preserving activities, I take it all back. And to those of you who have kids AND jobs- I don't know how you find time to preserve anything at all!


  1. Hi, So nice to see a post from you, I always look forward to them, congrats on havinga great week in the kitchen, sounds like lots got made,and I hear you, I have often thought about how do those mom's with young ones get it all done, when I know the hours i spend on things..

  2. who gets it "all" done? Not me, for sure!