Sunday, June 3, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Springtime in Toronto and more than just flowers are popping up: the warmer weather means yard sale season is in full swing and for a frugal shopper like myself, every weekend is like a treasure hunt! Now I am not a hardcore yard sale stalker by any means- I don't scope out ads ahead of time and you definitely won't find me arriving on anyone's doorstep  in the early morning before they've begun to set up. In fact I find the best time to arrive is when things are all but gone and people are anxious to be rid of what's left. At that point, most sellers would rather give things away rather than cart it back in to the house and I often find lovely things that have been over looked by all the early risers. Getting them for free or next to it is an added  bonus.

Yesterday was a particularly good day for free stuff- the lovely things pictured above are only a few of the items that were left on the curb for the taking. The tea cups are a bit of luxury item but I couldn't resist them since I have a lovely gold leaf tea service (a yard sale find from last year). I'm partial to decanters as well and they are a bit more useful; they make lovely vessels for keeping homemade vinegar in.

Also from the free pile I found these lovely hedge clippers and three large baking trays, all of which will clean up nicely.

I almost didn't take this glass pitcher (because I have a few already) but I decided the pattern was too cool not to. Then I stopped at my favourite vintage store to drop off some clothes and there were two glasses with the exact same pattern! Kismet! I used some of my store credit to get them, and the book- it's the only one in the series I didn't have. The vintage shop sells my stuff on consignment and I usually end up find things in the store I like in lieu of cash. The cast iron frying pan is a replacement for the one that cracked and I like the wooden handle. The coffee perculator doesn't require electricity and can also double as a kettle.

But I think the best recent find of all was this practically new wool blanket that I picked up for a mere $5.

All these things made today the perfect day to enjoy some freshly baked scones with tea and homemade rhubarb preserves, while watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee festivities. 

 I think I may be turning into my grandmother.

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