Monday, April 30, 2012

Help for Bees and Other Pollinators!

Seems like the news is full of stories about bees these days, whether it's dire warnings about colony collapse disorder or the even more frightening news that Monsanto recently purchased Beeologics, the bee research organization which identified them as a possible contributor to the demise of pollinators. So it's nice to hear about things we can do to help our pollinating friends. I mentioned previously that I am hosting a pollinator nesting box as part of a research study being conducted by Scott McIvor. You can read more about the work that he and others are doing here and you can even sign up to host a nesting box yourself if you are in the Toronto area.

 I also want to share this wonderful video from the David Suzuki Foundation which shows some simple things you can do to help our native pollinators.

In addition to the nesting box, I have two bee baths hidden amongst my plants but I confess I didn't know about using them to control pests - I just think they are a pretty addition to my gardens. The only downside is that the farmcats have figured this out too so they sometimes lie in wait, like lions at a waterhole waiting for unsuspecting game. My hope is that one of these times they get something that fights back- a nice sting to the nose or paw might deter them in future!

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