Friday, March 16, 2012

Return of the Light

The first day of spring is less than a week away and for once the weather agrees with the calendar- it's been positively balmy lately! But even without the weather, or the calendar for that matter I'm already well aware of the upcoming equinox, because I can't sleep! Now that we've switched to daylight savings again we have extended daylight into the evening which is lovely but it's the light in the morning that wreaks havoc on my sleep patterns, even before the time shift. Going to bed early doesn't help either; I just wake that much sooner. So for about 2-3 weeks every year I walk around yawning and fighting to stay awake in the day but still pop out of bed when it's barely light the next morning.

Normally I take up afternoon napping until this passes, but between having a day job and not wanting to miss a minute of this glorious weather, I've been struggling through it this year. Which means nothing is safe around me right now; I forget things on the stove until I smell smoke, I've lost 4 bank cards in as many weeks, spilled and broken too many things to list and my already abysmal typing skills are beyond help- thank god for spell check!

It's not exactly productive to be this sleep deprived either so I have to keep moving or nod off at my desk. Things that require focus or complex reasoning are out too, or have to be done in small bursts. My ability to string words together , both verbally and written, is poor and even reading, normally my favourite pursuit , is a lost cause- I'm likely to doze off mid sentence! As a consequence of this I'm less inclined to take on extra projects and am having a hard time keeping up with the ones I have now. Some things, like seed planting, will get done because they must but for others, such as the Dark Days Challenge, I'm throwing in the proverbial towel. Not because we aren't still eating local, at least some of the time, but coming up with a meal the fits all the SOLE criteria is tough enough and posting about it is nigh on impossible right now. Besides it seems a little ridiculous focusing on the dark days when it feels like it's anything but!

Thankfully this phase never lasts long, my sleep patterns will self correct and I'll be back to cursing the alarm clock in no time. But in the meantime I can barely focus long enough to type this so please bear with me if I seem a bit erratic at the moment!

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  1. You've been so busy according to the posts below, no wonder it's catching up with you! Actually you just described me year-round so no excuse of time changing. Best wishes for a quick adjustment! :)