Thursday, February 23, 2012

Independence Days Week 2-3

You'd think having 4 days off a week would mean I have plenty of time for posting but somehow it just doesn't seem to work that way. So since tomorrow should be my week 3 post and I still haven't posted about week 2 it makes more sense to combine them and hopefully get on track.

Grow Something: No progress here other than transplanting a few house plants. But I did get permission today to make use of the greenhouse at work to start some cool weather crops inside and my plan is to sort through my seeds this weekend and hopefully start a few tomatoes and peppers at home.

Harvest Something: Sprouts, which were a nice addition to a grated carrots and beet slaw.

Preserve Something: Nothing. I was supposed to teach a canning class last night but it was cancelled. I have one booked for next week and quite a few in March- lots of Red Onion Jam coming!

Waste Not: While picking up chicken legs (organic, local) at a local butcher shop I spotted some pork fat which they happily threw in for free. I slow rendered it in the oven to make lard.

Want Not: Made some home made deodorant using witch hazel and a few drops of rose geranium and lavender oil in a spray bottle.

Eat the food: Made borscht with some of the home made beef stock, last of the red cabbage and some slightly shrivelled beets. I added some butter beans as well as a splash of my cider vinegar (the red wine vinegar was a bust this year sadly)

Build Community Food Systems: Held a successful seed packing workshop for the upcoming Seedy Saturday/Sunday Events! Next Sat, March 3 is the first Toronto area event at Scadding Court- details on all the events are here.

There's another Seed Exchange event in Toronto this Monday Feb 27

This one is part of the Occupy Gardens movement which I heartily endorse- how can you argue with a group that promotes World Peas?

Skill Up: Made mozzarella and ricotta cheese- the mozzarella was a bit denser than I think it should have been and could use more salt but it's quite good and we've been using it in many things.

Overall a fairly productive two weeks!


  1. Good for you! You've been far more productive than I have. I've been growing sprouts this week; they're in day three i think now. Clover I think I planted. It's either that or alfalfa. Started lettuce seeds this morning, as well as a few more peas now that the others seem to be established.
    See? You inspire me. Keep up the good work!

  2. I've been planting quite a bit, but I haven't done much of anything in the community department. I'm hoping to save a lot of seeds this year though so I can finally participate in an exchange. My post:

  3. Thanks Carolyn, I'm impressed that you have lettuce and peas planted- are they for sprouting or micro greens?

    Jessie- I am envious of your plantings- thanks for the link!