Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out With the Old...

The overhauling continues! One thing I really hope to accomplish this year is to replace all my old, plastic, or otherwise malfunctioning kitchen equipment with less toxic, more environmentally friendly options. I'm a regular collector of loyalty points whenever possible so I plan on making use of points I've accumulated to help with the costs of all this replacing. We shop at Zellers frequently since it's so close to home (and it's not Walmart which I refuse to shop at) so I was able to redeem some HBC points for gift cards and went shopping! Out went the pot with the peeling no-stick lining, the can opener that doesn't, the plastic measuring cups (dry and wet measure) and spoons (which I've had since I got married in 1986!)and the plastic colander is going as well.

In their place I now have lovely stainless steel versions, including an 8 quart stock pot. I still would like to find a larger version- 10 or 12 quart; most of the cheese recipes I've been perusing are for large quantities of milk and my canning pot is too flimsy andthe pressure canner is made of aluminium.

It's so lovely to have shiny new things!

Yesterday I did the annual clean-out-the-filing-cabinet and decided to rearrange some of the shelves in my home office. End result, I now have a dedicated shelf for gardening/homesteading books, seeds, and reference materials. I cleared a second one for my genealogy stuff as well as created several files folders for various branches of the family. It's so much easier now with all my frequently referenced materials right at hand.

I'm keeping up with my budget so far and although my bank turned me down for a consolidation loan (idiots) I've located a private source (thank god for family)who is going to help me liberate myself from 3 of those stupid credit card in the next few weeks. Our arrangement will allow me to repay the loan in a year, interest free!

I'm so organized right now I'm scaring myself.


  1. Callie~this is off topic but I didn't see a search option for your blog or a spot to e-mail you. I was over at Canadian Doomer and you mentioned putting down something with red onions. I have a bunch that could use a new recipe. I'd love it if you could share that or point me in the right direction if you've already shared it. Thanks!

  2. Thriftymomma, I'm happy to share and thank you for pointing out a flaw in my blog design- I shall endeavor to fix it!

    Red onion jam is one of our favourites- it's goes so well with many things! You'll find it here:

  3. Getting rid of kitchen plastic was one of my accomplishments last year, but I do have to admit I have at least three sets of metal measuring cups. I keep them in my dry stores (e.g., a 1-cup one lives with the flour, a 1/2-cup in the sugar, etc.) which works for me - the cup is at hand when I need to measure out something, and I don't need a scoop as well. If you have a restaurant supply near you, check them out as well - they often have inexpensive, no-nonsense products.

    I have the 11-quart stock pot from Ikea - at $40, it's a decent price and decent quality. The one problem with Ikea is that it isn't close by for most people, but if you can get to one, check it out!