Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Overload

So it appears I missed Christmas this year or rather I missed posting about Christmas which is a shame because I actually had a post pretty much written and I took photos and everything but I ran out of time before we left  for Sarnia so I brought my camera to my parents and tried to upload the photos to my mom's laptop but she uses Windows 7 and I am still stuck on XP so I couldn't figure out how to download just the few most recent pics without  having to download the entire card which is of course always full of pictures I haven't yet deleted for the past year and it takes ages to download a whole card just to delete them all so I gave up and just enjoyed a nice Christmas with my family and then I tried again on my sister's laptop while we were in a crummy hotel for 2 days in Port Hope while her daughter spent time with her dad but my sister's laptop has the same operating system so I thought I'd do it once I got home but when I got back the Russian and I had our own holiday which we invented to split the difference between my traditional gift exchange day (Christmas) and his (New Year) but for some silly reason we decided to exchange gifts on all three this year and I still needed to finish getting his last gift together so since I was in the store anyhow I did a little boxing day sale shopping for things we actually needed and spent $150 at Zellers somehow then last night there was a reunion concert of a band that I used to love and today I am hungover like it's 1996 and trying to look at the computer screen is making my head hurt more and I needed to finish the blogpost for my genealogy blog today because today was the anniversary of the day my grandma passed away and tomorrow I will be at the zoo with the Russian because he is performing in the New Year festivities and then we invited everyone here on New Years Day for a levee (traditional rather than political, at least I hope) so I should really be cleaning or maybe sleeping but I'm on holidays for another 4 days so I keep thinking there's time but I still want to do a year end post before year end and I think I may be out of time for that one too unless I decided to get up really early tomorrow which isn't likely and besides I still haven't done a Dark Days post for this week which is mostly because I haven't actually eaten a SOLE meal since my last post and I may just be a little strung out on sugar and junk food and I'm so glad it's almost over for another year because I think I may have forgotten how to breathe but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy New Year from the farm cats, the Russian and me! Hope your holidays were spectacular!

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