Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Harvest and Free Eggs!

It's that time again. I put it off as long as I could but after a week of cool, gray and rainy days I took advantage of a slight break in the weather and yanked out the rest of my garden. I gleaned one last round of still green hot and sweet peppers and a handful of undersized tomatillas. I used up these and the last of the ripe tomatoes for a batch of end of season salsa. The few plants with reasonable sized green tomatoes are slowly ripening in the sunporch

I left the brussel sprouts still in the ground but everything else is in the composter now. I still have to empty the rain barrel (if it ever stops raining long enough) and put away the hoses. It looks so barren from up here...

I did it just in time tho- not only are we expected sub zero temps this weekend but Monday morning I woke up to this:

That's the city works crew repairing the laneway behind my house. My garden is now a construction site which is a tad unnerving since I've put a lot of time and money into building up my soil. Not to worry, I had a brief conversation with the foreman and it turns out he's a farmer himself! He raises a few head of beef cattle, some pigs and chicken on a few acres very close to where we attended Foodstock last week. I gave him a jar of my pear chutney and he promised to look out for my dirt and veggies. This morning I opend up the composter to find these hidden inside!

Best harvest ever- thanks Frank!


  1. Your compost gives you food - I mean in a fast, cutting out the middle man sort of way. Cool. Yes, we too have finally pulled our warm season crops in the back. The front garden hasn't been cleaned up yet but there will be no more tomatillos this year.

  2. Funny thing- I didn't even plant any tomatillos this year but a few of them spontaneously appeared. I blame the possum.

  3. I want to find hidden eggs in my compost!

  4. They were delicious, every last one! I've even worked out a deal to get more whenever Frank is in town so there will hopefully be farm fresh eggs on a regular basis!