Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting a Jump on Spring

So it's the middle of January ( nine weeks till spring!) and I'm nowhere near thinking about this year's garden- I don't even know where my seedling trays are and haven't ordered a single seed catalogue yet! But apparently the garden is impatient and started without me this year. I was watering the indoor plants and checking on my recent transplants and realized I now have a whole mess of things that, for the most part, weren't there last week. This is what happens when you reuse potting soil and add worm castings straight from the bin.

In the dumb cane pot-I think it a rapini seedling, or perhaps a mustard green of sorts. The one behind may be a cucumber. Or not.

These have actually been growing for a bit but I only just realized they are nicotiana- the plants were growing side by side on the deck this past summer and apparently somebody self seeded.

In the thumbergia pot - a couple sad looking morning glories and something I suspect is a hanging petunia- I did not plant this I assure you.

And in the recently potted lemon and walnut seedlings I have a whole mess of volunteers.

At least one is pepper seedling but the rest are still too small to identify. Since they are gifts from the worm bin they could be just about anything. Except clementines. Those peels are just there to prevent the cats from digging in there- they dislike the smell of citrus. Perhaps I should consider using citrus scent toilet paper. Oh and yarn- this is what I woke up to this morning!

It was stretched from one end of the apartment to the other and wrapped around a number of chair legs. Probably retaliation because I finally hid all the tp where they couldn't get to it. Who knew cats could get cabin fever?

Back to the indoor garden:

Sharing the pot with the pineapple mint who is looking a bit bedraggled I have yet another tomato seedling.

Speaking of tomatoes my previous volunteers are still hanging in although they are a tad thin and spindly. But look what appeared this morning! Yes those are actual tomato flowers. On January 15th.
These guys are serious optimists.

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