Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farm Cats

The garden is busy doing that growing thing. These days I'm in it as much as possible and the cats seem to like hanging out there too. Since they seem to want to be in every picture as well, here are my latest garden updates complete with furry guardians.

Shelby in the soybeans

Shadow catching bugs by the tomatillos- sadly she doesn't differentiate between pests and pollinators.

Pickling cukes making their way up the trellis- future dills!

The potatoes seem to like growing in a pail!

Purple peas!

Green beans!

Shelby on her favourite perch atop the fencepost

Shadow loves the sedge hedge- Now you see her... you don't...

The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are big already- I think they're going to be huge!

Peppers and eggplants are coming along but could really use more sun

The cats however are rather fond of the shady parts of the garden
Next up- the roof garden, featuring a tomato forest!


  1. Ooo.. I'm very intrigued about your Cherokee pumpkin tomatoes! Have you tried those purple beans yet?

    Your garden is so inspiring. I'm giving up on my garden, we only trimmed those nettles a few weeks ago, because of the rain and sun they've grown enormously. My window plants are doing well. I've transferred the chilli to a bigger pot and I made and jarred some red pepper chilli jam today.

  2. Don't give up!! If nothing else you can harvest the nettles- they make great tea and some people even use them in soup although I have never been that brave!

    The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are supposed to be very large,and deep red/brown. So far they are the first of my tomatoes to fruit and looks like they will be true to form. Ill post pics when they are ripe!

    I haven't picked any purple peas yet but there's a bunch ready to harvest now!