Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Grows My Garden, O!

It's been a heat wave here in Toronto for the last week and the garden has exploded!

Beans that I direct sowed a week ago are up and now the same size as the ones I started in seed trays a month ago.
The rapini grew about 5 inches in as many days and I have been rushing to harvest it all before it flowers.We've been eating lettuces every day! So lovely to eat from the garden again and so early this year!

The hot weather makes it feel like I'm so far behind. I built a trellis for the cukes last week and the seedlings are in the ground.
The potato bucket is all set up and I've had to add my first layer of soil on top of the sprouting seed potatoes. I planted two types this year: purple and banana fingerlings. With a Russian around there's no such thing as too many potatoes so I hope they both do well.

My fingernails are permanently ingrained with dirt and the bottom of my feet are perpetually black but I couldn't be happier !

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